Live Review: Danny Pound Band, 4th of July; The Faint SOLD OUT…

Category: Blog — @ 1:30 pm December 12, 2006

Catching up with the weekend, a few over 50 were on hand for 4th of July/Danny Pound Band at The Saddle Creek Bar Saturday night. 4th of July, a 6-piece who, along with DPB, are from Lawrence, played a ballsy set of roots rock that reminded me of The Reivers (sort of). They’ll be opening for The Faint Sunday night along with Tilly & the Wall, which should be an interesting clash of styles. The band includes Adrianne Verhoeven of Art Bell (Orenda Fink’s new band… connect the dots), though I was surprised that she mostly sang harmonies, leaving the vocal heavy lifting to frontman Brendan Hangauer. Danny Pound announced from stage that it was his 33rd birthday (after midnight) and was treated to shots and beers and a nice round of applause. DPB is a straight-forward roots rock band (is that what we call alt country these days?) with distinctive indie overtones fueled by Pound’s muscular songwriting chops. Clever lyrics, clever melodies, laid-back style, very cool indeed. Unfortunately, there was no reprise of early Vitreous Humor material — I guess Danny didn’t read the article! (just kidding). The always-changing sound system at SCB continues to improve. Whatever problems they had with the vocals in the PA seem to be fixed — no more tinty hollow sound. Regardless, owner Mike Coldeway says he and his sound guy will continue to tweak the system, adding some new equipment before the big Good Life show there Dec. 21. Bottom line — no matter what they do there’s going to be someone who complains about their sound, just like there have been complaints about The 49’r and O’Leaver’s PAs for as long as I can remember. Only Sokol Underground goes unscathed (and deservedly so).

Speaking of The Faint, both shows this weekend are now sold out, according to the One Percent Productions website. Scanning through the Internweb, I found this here review of their Dec. 2 show at The Showbox in Seattle. I had no idea that the tour was being sponsored by Camel cigarettes. From the review: “It’s Saturday night at the Showbox and the whole place has been turned into a showroom for Camel cigarettes. They missed the memo about the smoking ban and have redecorated with glowing backlit signs, stand-up displays with freebies, and projections on the wall complete with requisite warnings from the Surgeon General. In the upstairs bar, the seating area has been transformed to a V.I.P. lounge with walls of LCD televisions broadcasting sexy scenes of the joys of smoking.” Wonder if we’ll get the same treatment at Sokol Auditorium. In addition to The Faint’s usual sexy aerobics soundtrack, expect to hear at least four new songs from their upcoming follow-up to 2004’s Wet from Birth, including “The Geeks Were Right,” a performance of which has found its way onto YouTube (check it out here).

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