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Category: Blog — @ 6:50 pm February 6, 2006

I’ve got 10 minutes over lunch so I thought I’d mention a couple quick things. I didn’t make to any shows this week, even though Saturday was a great night for shows. I blame general malaise. If anyone saw anything worth mentioning over the weekend, by all means give us a brief comment on the Webboard. Next weekend is shaping up to be a good one as well, with Mi and L’au Friday (look for a feature story on the duo online Wednesday) and Shelley Short Saturday — both playing at O’Leaver’s.

I did watch the Superbowl (The Seahawks got robbed) and caught the Stones at halftime. Say what you will about them being in their 60s and Mick being too old to wear a mid-riff T shirt, but the band sounded pretty good, especially on their new song, which accentuated their strengths — i.e., Keith, Charlie and Ronnie. Mick didn’t sound bad, just a bit froggy… and old.

I also caught Prince on SNL. His guitar work on the first number was (shall I say it?) Hendrix-esque. His vocals also have become Hendrixian in that he sounded more like he was talking than singing. The second song, a duet with a woman I’ve never seen before, sounded sloppy. Much more interesting is Prince’s new single, “Black Sweat,” which may be the best song he’s released since “Sexy MF.” You can see the video here. Wonder if the rest of his upcoming release, 3121, is as good.

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