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Category: Blog — @ 12:28 pm October 4, 2005

Somewhere in Omaha tonight, Mark Mallman performs. I’ve been told by Omaha’s busiest bass player, Mike Tulis (The Third Men, The Monroes, Simon Joyner), that this show should not be missed, that Mallman is the ultimate showman. I’m listening to his new CD, Seven Years, released on Eagles Golden Tooth, as I write this. It’s an enticing combination of Ben Folds, ELO and T. Rex sung in Mallman’s Midwest-via-Minneapolis nasal voice. His sound is relentlessly throwback, sort of a tribute to ’70s glam and so absolutely embraceable that I’m shocked he hasn’t broken through the real-but-invisible radio barriers that keep indie down. You might have seen him before as he’s opened for Guided by Voices, Beth Orton, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Power, Donovan, Tegan and Sara, Ozomatli, Everlast, Exene Cervenka, Howie Day, and Cracker, among others. Sounds good to me.

The problem: I’m not sure where he’s playing. O’Leaver’s has Mallman listed on its show schedule, but Mallman’s site says he’s playing at Slammers, formerly Sortino’s at 1414 So. 72nd. St. The venue’s shows are booked by Dreamweaver Productions, but their website is either broken or not updated. So what the hell? If I find something out that’s more definitive by lunchtime, I’ll update this page.

Noon Update: I now know that Mallman will not be playing at O’Leaver’s tonight. I assume, then, that the show will be at Slammers. If I can confirm this, I’ll update the site again when I get home tonight.

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