Bunnygrunt tonight? Criteria tomorrow. Some Internet headlines…

Category: Blog — @ 12:38 pm May 20, 2005

According to a mass e-mail sent to me and other members of Omaha’s elite music media by sometimes Simon Joyner sideman Lonnie Methe, St. Louis cuddlecore legends Bunnygrunt is playing at O’Leaver’s tonight with Methe’s own Mancini’s Angels and Grape Soda. I’ve been unable to confirm this with anyone including a contact at O’Leaver’s, who says scheduling is in disarray there these days, what with all that volleyball going on. Bunnygrunt doesn’t have a website. According to AMC, the band broke up in 1998. I know them from having seen them play with Frontier Trust sometime in the ’90s, and from their single, “Macho Beagle,” w/”Cry,” a cover of The Raspberries classic. I hope this is happening, and I’ll be down at O’Leaver’s to find out.

Tomorrow night, of course, is Saddle Creek Records band Criteria with The Nein and The Philharmonic at Sokol Underground. Meanwhile, Fromanhole is hosting a CD release show at The 49’r with No Blood Orphan.

A couple headlines of interest:

— The Bright Eyes/Faint saga continues with more of the same. This review of their Toronto show again goes out of its way to point out that The Faint is crushing BE in the popularity contest, at least with the critics. “All in all, a good show, but in the end Bright Eyes couldn’t muster up enough energy or enthusiasm to claim best band of the night.” Ouch. Says that Oberst rolled out a new song during the set — wonder how they did the video for that one…

— Rilo Kiley now appears to be using their defection from Saddle Creek Records as a publicity peg on their tour. In this item in yesterday’s Boston Globe, frontwoman Jenny Lewis talks about “struggling” with the concept of indie vs. major “every day.” “People make such a big deal about indie vs. major. But if you’re making the same music, what’s the fuss about reaching more people?” She then goes on to say that the band wanted to do things that Creek wasn’t comfortable with… involving radio. Who knows what that means, although I would bet it has to do with Clear Channel.

— Meanwhile, in this Detroit Metro Times story, Neva Dinova’s Jake Bellows talks about a couple things concerning Jenny Lewis that I’m sure she’s not comfortable with. “When we heard that she was a child star, we found Foxfire with her and Angelina Jolie. In it there’s this topless scene where all the girls are hanging out together, burning each other and touching their tits, and Jenny is the only one of the five girls who doesn’t take her shirt off. I was like, ‘This is fucking bullshit. I rented this movie because I thought I was going to see your naked tits.’ I talked to her about it and the first thing I said was, ‘We were all disappointed.'” Classic.

— Finally, Tim Kasher talks about his budding screenwriting career in this Omaha World-Herald story. Kasher says he’s working a play that that he hopes to score with music from The Good Life, and then goes on to say he and members of Cursive plan to work on a new album.

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