Hella tonight with Darren Keen’s other project

Category: Blog — @ 11:47 am April 25, 2005

I have made the unkind prediction that tonight’s Hella show at Sokol Underground will be 1 Percent Production’s smallest Underground show of the year, bordering on O’Leaver’s territory regarding crowd size. The show has three strikes against it: 1) No one’s heard of Hella, which in and of itself isn’t much different than a lot of shows down at The Underground, but Hella is on a whole different level, attaining no airplay anywhere ’round these parts, with no members of the duo being “formerly a member of…” a more well-known band. 2) The duo disc the band is supporting is borderline unlistenable, and 3) It’s a Monday night, with Trail of Dead tomorrow upstairs. That said, here’s what I wrote as a “calendar pick” item for The Reader about tonight’s show:

Hella is the Sacramento duo of guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer Zach Hill. What? Another guitar-and-drum outfit like The White Stripes or The Black Keys? Not quite. Hella’s just-released 2-CD package on Suicide Squeeze splits the writing chores in half, with Hill responsible for the Church Gone Wild disc and Seim responsible for Chirpin Hard. Add it up and it’s almost two hours of jittery, hard-to-decipher prog noise. How they’ll pull it off live is anyone’s guess. -TSM

What could save the show is the opening bands: Lincoln’s Thunderstandable, a band that includes members of Her Flyaway Manner; and Gloves, the madcap side project of The Show is the Rainbow‘s Darren Keen. Keen does nothing halfway, which makes this unveiling of his “rock band” worth the price of admission ($8).

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