Neva Dinova, Ted Stevens tonight, Motorhead upstairs…

Category: Blog — @ 4:38 pm March 25, 2005

Our pals Neva Dinova will be showcasing their new CD, The Hate Yourself Change, tonight at Sokol Underground. I still have yet to hear it, despite the efforts of various publicists and Roger Lewis. And I’m still not sure what label it’s on. Roger has insisted that Crank! didn’t release it, but if you go to you’re met with a full-screen ad for the CD. Niz in yesterday’s Omaha World-Herald also reported that Crank! was their label (in this story). Meanwhile, go to the Sidecho Records site and there it is as a Sidecho release. And then there’s Rolling Stone online, who says the CD was released by Sony (see here). So who knows. I always thought it would be released on Saddle Creek, but obviously that never happened. I guess it doesn’t matter what label you’re on if you can grab the opening slot on a Bright Eyes tour, as they did recently.

Also on tonight’s Sokol dance card are Ted Stevens playing a solo set — expect to hear some stuff off the new Mayday CD, which will be released by Saddle Creek — and Lincoln’s The Golden Age. $7, 9 p.m.

If you’re going to Sokol tonight, you better get there early, folks. Motorhead is playing an all-ages show upstairs at Sokol Auditorium with Corrosion Of Conformity. Parking could be tough. I’m thinking of curling up to some nice NCAA action at The Brothers, which — with these two shows going on — will be nice and vacant.

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