Low takes the kids on the road; Mimi talks majors

Category: Blog — @ 1:19 pm March 16, 2005

Just placed online, an interview with Low’s Mimi Parker (read it here). The story’s focus is on how and why the band brings their kids with them on tour, their new album and why they’ve gotten louder over the years. I can unequivocally tell you that the new Low album, The Great Destroyer, is my favorite of their entire catalog — it just plain rocks.

Among the stuff that didn’t make it into the interview, I asked Mimi if the momentum created from the last two rather successful albums was what drew them away from Kranky to Sub Pop. “Maybe a little bit,” Parker said. “We love Kranky. We were sad to go, but at same time, Kranky does things a certain way and we respect them for it, but we kind of just decided we needed to bump it up a bit and see what Sub Pop could do. Sub Pop has been working some great bands and had big successes.”

But surely Low has had interest from the majors, right?

“Not really seriously,” Parker said. “We had lunch with someone once. At the same time, we did kind of decide that it would be a crazy route to take. You’re such a small fish in a big pond. Majors are so unstable now. People are coming and going so fast. You sign with someone and have an A&R person who loves you, and then they’re gone and you’re stranded there.”

Ah, that same old story. Imagine if Low were on a label. I, too, can’t see how it would work. I asked Mimi how she would react the first time the label guy called after hearing the new record saying “Where’s the single?” She laughed. “I’d tell him that they’re all singles.”

Mark it down, Low plays at Sokol Underground Friday night with The Mariannes and Kid Dakota.

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