A quiet Tuesday; Zyklon Bees tonight; Oberst’s Texas bomb

Category: Blog — @ 1:24 pm February 22, 2005

Not much going on as we all recover from a long President’s Day weekend. I didn’t go to Jesse Malin last night and probably won’t go to The Zyklon Bees tonight at O’Leaver’s with opening acts The Amino Acids and The Deformities — I blame my sinuses for my absence.

News from the Bright Eyes camp has died down lately, now that the North American leg of the world tour has ended. Conor and Co. have flown to Europe for a month’s worth of gigs before heading to Asia then Australia, winding it up in early April. I’ve had three people ask me for my take on the Oberst explosion in Texas (“hate your &*%$ state” “raping Indians” etc.) since it caught the attention of Omaha World-Herald columnist Mike Kelly over the weekend —read his take here (Quite a departure from Kelly’s typical obit column). This is old news, having happened almost two weeks ago and just now getting to the OWH desk, where the oldsters who have never heard of Oberst are quivering with outrage. Yes, the comments were stupid. Yes, Oberst was probably loaded. No, it won’t impact his record sales or his fan base in the least. Those who like Oberst almost expect to hear such misguided comments; those that hate him will merely hate him even more. My advice to Oberst is to leave his “political” statements to his songs, at least while he’s touring in this country. I’m sure similar comments (i.e., anything criticizing G.W.) will be met with unbridled affection in Europe.

No feature this week. It was supposed to be Modest Mouse, but they still don’t do interviews. So look for this week’s column tomorrow morning, where we catch up with Kyle Harvey.

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