Movie ticket prices…; The BoDeans tonight at The Waiting Room…

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The BoDeans circa 2004. The band plays tonight at The Waiting Room.

by Tim McMahan,

God, it seems like forever since I’ve been to a rock show. Maybe I’m just imagining it but it sure feels like things have slowed to a crawl, especially if you’re an indie music fan. There are some fun shows on the horizon, though, including Mogwai Nov. 30, that Whitney show Dec. 1 and Destroyer next February. There’s also a sneaky good Son, Ambulance show scheduled for Dec. 2 at O’Leaver’s. And I’m sure some more dates will fill in.

BTW, for those lamenting the cost of rock shows, this weekend I went to see the new Thor movie and discovered that tickets almost everywhere are $13. It was as if movie prices jumped over night. Just a few weeks ago I paid $10 to see a movie at one of the large theaters.

I bring it up because while rock show prices have gone up, too, you’re still getting a real, live experience for your hard-earned rubles. Unlike movies, where that $13 is going to an army of faceless people you’ll never meet, there’s a certain pleasure knowing when you pay $15 for a rock show the folks you’re watching on stage will see that money (or at least part of it) in their pockets by the end of the night. That $5, you spend to see a band at O’Leaver’s is (for the most part) going to the band that performed for you.

Speaking of rock shows…

Your old friends the BoDeans are back again, this time at The Waiting Room. Can you believe these guys have been doing this for 30 years? Here’s a Lazy-i interview with the band from 2004. No openers. Show starts at 8 and costs $25.

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