Live Review: No Thanks, Red Kate at Brothers Lounge…

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by Tim McMahan,

No Thanks at Brothers Lounge Sept. 17, 2021.

I’m forever wondering if punk — or post-punk — or let’s face it, rock — will soon die of old age.

Most people my age already have thrown dirt over the grave, saying punk lived and died in the ‘70s, post-punk lived and died in the ‘80s, and alternative took over in the ‘90s, followed by indie, which most oldsters don’t consider rock music.

Of course none of it is true. Every time I start to get jaded listening to, say, Sirius XM and the endless list of “vibe” music on my Spotify new music list, something catches my ear and my hope is renewed. The same thing goes for live music. Friday night at Brothers Lounge I caught a set by a couple bands on the Black Site label out of KC, Red Kate and our very own No Thanks, and was, again, given hope for the future.

Red Kate at Brothers Lounge, Sept. 17, 2021.

Red Kate wasn’t doing anything new. The post-punk four piece played straight-ahead post-rock with yell vocals, solid rhythms and the prerequisite catchy riffs. Fast and hard, they were tight out of the gate. If you love this style of music, you would have loved this set.

This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen No Thanks live, and I’ve notice a common denominator to their sets — they always start off tenuous, as if frontman Brendan Leahy is unsure he really wants to go through with whatever he’s about to do, or simply isn’t in the proper headspace. Let me clarify — the rest of the band does sounds ready to go from the outset. Guitarist Mike Huber is one of the best things to come out of Omaha in years, and the rhythm section of Cam Stout and Gabe Cohen are first rate.

Musically, I was reminded of old school golden age Omaha post-punk band Ritual Device. To be clear, Leahy doesn’t in any way resemble a ‘90s-era circus-geek-loving Tim Moss. And while Moss had a guttural Nick Cage vocal swagger, Leahy has a high, kind of Jerry Lewis-style speaking voice. But when he gets warmed up, he can be equally sinister and disturbing as Moss.

But, just like those other times, it took Leahy three or four songs before he began to lose whatever inhibitions he may have had and started to let it all hang out. About four or five songs in, the shirt came off and he turned into a totally different dude — posing, crawling, preening, performing — he could give Future Islands’ Sam Herring a run for his money.

Halfway into the set I noticed the entire front of the stage was surrounded by young women dancing — or dare I say, moshing. I’m not sure exactly what it was they were doing except having a good time. It was the youngest crowd I’ve seen at a Brothers show — both young dudes and women — and it gave me hope that there is a new generation out there who still gets into this style of grinding, static, feedback-driven post-punk.

Another great night at Brothers Lounge. The club has been putting on a lot of shows lately and have more on the way. Catch them if you can.

A quick note about their vax card policy — the guy at the door was not playing around. You better have had both a vax card (or a photo of your vax card) and a second photo ID or you weren’t getting in. The process was quick and easy, and there’s no reason all the venues aren’t laying down similar policies.

If you don’t want to get vaxed, stay home and save us all a lot of grief.

* * *

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Tim Kasher’s Resolutions (in The Reader); Meat Puppets, Mike Watt, David Nance (is Brothers becoming a bonafide rock club?) tonight…

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Tim Kasher and his band plays The Waiting Room May 12.

by Tim McMahan,

The May issue of The Reader, which I’m not certain has hit the racks yet, includes a feature/column focused on Tim Kasher, his new album No Resolution, and more specifically, his new record label, 15 Passenger, which he operates with Cursive bro’s Matt Maginn and Ted Stevens.

The story answers questions I posed about the label back in January, specifically why create a new label, how did you acquire the Cursive masters from Saddle Creek, will The Good Life be involved in the new label, and more. Kasher also talks his film No Resolution and how he hopes to screen it in the future.

Don’t want to scrounge around looking for a printed copy of The Reader? You can read the whole article online right here.

Kasher did the interview via phone while he was in Omaha rehearsing for the tour that brings him to The Waiting Room May 12. You should get tickets to this one while you can.

* * *

The Meat Puppets with Mike Watt are headlining tonight at The Waiting Room. According to TWR website, the band could “revisit the folk and singer-song writer nuggets Curt put out in 2005 on his solo masterpiece, Snow, as well as similarly veined tracks from Rat Farm (‘Sometimes Blue’).” The Jom + Terry Show opens. According to Wiki, Jom + Terry “was the backup band led by American punk legend Mike Watt (formerly of The Minutemen and Firehose) for tours of the USA and Canada in 2001 and 2002. The band, in addition to Watt on vocals and bass, included Tom Watson (Slovenly, Red Krayola) on guitar and vocals and Jerry Trebotic on drums.” $20, 8 p.m.

Also tonight….

Is it me or is The Brothers Lounge turning into a regular go-to spot for live music? In the past, Omaha’s most famous bar (with the best jukebox) hosted a live rock show maybe once a month, if that. These days they’re doing shows almost weekly. And anyone who knows the bar’s owners knows they know how to put on a rock show.

You would be wise to follow The Brothers Facebook page ( to keep up on their many events, like the one tonight.

Tonight The Brothers hosts Omaha’s hardest working noise/garage rock band, David Nance Group. Also on the bill are a couple Los Angeles bands, psych-rock act Olga and dirge band Dimples. $5, 9 p.m.

* * *

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A (very) detailed history of The Brothers Lounge; Yelp Helper (in the column); Lullaby’s purge; Pinegrove tonight…

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Pinegrove plays tonight at Milk Run.

Pinegrove plays tonight at Milk Run.

by Tim McMahan,

If you haven’t checked out the My Omaha Obsession blog you’re missing out on some fantastic writing and colorful history of our community. The latest installment is an exhaustively researched history of The Brothers Lounge and the buildings that surround it. The piece includes diagrams, advertising and lots of historic photos (including some great shots of Trey and Lallaya). I typically don’t share anonymous stuff, but I’ve been told by a reliable source who “Miss Cassette” is (and you probably know her, too). Check it out.

It’s a pleasure to see long-form writing like this online instead of the usual down-and-dirty write-ups designed to be shared in their entirety as a Facebook post. If you like this kind of writing, check out for more.

* * *

Speaking of long-form writing, I neglected to share last month’s Over the Edge column in The Reader with you. It’s a write-up about Yelp and how Yelping has resulted in my ridicule and being banned from  restaurants. It also includes an interview with Omaha’s Chief Executive Yelper Will Simons. Read it online here or pick up a July copy of The Reader while it’s still on the racks.

* * *

Something else to check out, The AV Club’s Binge and Purge column, which details a writer going through his CD collection to make much-needed cuts. Our own Lullaby for the Working Class is among the artists featured. I find I have a lot of the same music in my collection as this dude, but I don’t feel the burning need to dump my CDs. Maybe because I have a place to store them. I know as soon as I sell something I’m going to be reaching for it in six months, and it’ll be gone…

* * *

Tonight at Milk Run, Montclair, New Jersey’s Pinegrove headlines. The band is on the road supporting their recently released debut full-length, Cardinal, on Run For Cover Records (which got a massive 8.0 rating from Pitchfork). Joining them are Halfwaif and SPORTS. $10, early 7:30 p.m. show!

* * *

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