New Digital Leather; NOMaha Alert: Arcade Fire; park concert tonight; A Giant Dog, HIDE, Leggy, David Nance on (docked) boat Saturday…

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by Tim McMahan,

Digital Leather, Pink Thunder (2017, self-release)

Out of the blue, Digital Leather today dropped a new LP titled Pink Thunder in Bandcamp. It’s a strong return to form from a band that I thought had hung it up last year. Since then, they’ve played a handful of shows when the gig money was right. Still, when the pre-announcement came out about Pink Thunder I had no idea DL mastermind Shawn Foree was working on new material.

The LP is stripped down, very electronic but with nice guitar touches. I assume it’s a one-man show, with Foree on all the parts but I don’t know for sure as I haven’t received a one-sheet (I found out just like you, on Twitter). Listening through the tracks a few times this morning, it reminded me of Blow Machine, though it’s not as racy lyrically. My favorite track so far is an instrumental called “One to One” — a real digital grinder.

Foree mentioned this would be coming out as an LP in the fall. Don’t wait to download the digital tracks right now, though…

* * *

Just got a press release from Nasty Little Man:

“Arcade Fire has released a third track from its forthcoming fifth album, Everything Now, due out July 28 on CD, cassette, digital download and heavyweight black vinyl LP through an exclusive 360-degree partnership with global media and e-commerce platform Everything Now in synergy with the Sony corporation.”

Included was their North American tour dates, of which there are many. Their closest pass to Omaha, however:

10/25/17 – Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
10/27/17- Kansas City, MO – Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
10/29/17 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center

Anyone surprised? Their tour starts Aug. 6 in Chicago at Lollapalooza. Meanwhile, I swivel my chair and look out my window and see a 25,000 seat baseball stadium that will sit vacant until next June…

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Onto the weekends…

Kansas at Memorial Park, July 3, 2010.

Kansas at Memorial Park, July 3, 2010. Tonight it’s Kool & the Gang. Blurg.

Tonight is the dreaded Memorial Park Concert. Imagine if we had gotten last night’s hail storm tonight? Devastation. Well, Kool and the Gang will be handing out the devastation tonight. The city really blew it with this booking, as they just played down by the river last year. Someday someone with some knowledge of music will help the city book this concert (Who am I kidding? No one goes to this for the music)…

Cover bands and such start at 6. K&tG probably won’t be on stage until 8:30 or 9. Fireworks usually around 10 or 10: 30, which is worth the hassle, I suppose. If you go, park at UNO and stay the hell off my lawn.

Other than that, there ain’t shit happening tonight, though Lincoln singer/songwriter Scott Severin is taking the plunge and playing a free gig at the new, and rather controversial Hotel RL on south 72nd Street. This place has been lambasted in social media for booking bands and not paying them. No doubt Scott negotiated something sweeter. Starts at 7.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) is the big Shipwrecked! fest.

What’s Shipwrecked? It’s a concert on the River City Star river boat, but instead of rolling up and down the Missouri, the boat will be docked all night. We’re talking two floors (or two decks) of music with bars on each deck, with fireworks (courtesy of TD Ameritrade Park’s home run derby).

The line-up is impressive:

A Giant Dog (Austin, TX) — One of Merge Records’ hottest new bands returns to Omaha.
HIDE (Chicago, IL) — Gritty, big-beat punk from Chicago, on Joyful Noise Records.
Leggy (Cincinnati, OH) — Self-proclaimed “bubble-gum punk” on Manic Static Records.
Plack Blague (Lincoln, NE) — Starcity electro-geek leather fetish noise band.
David Nance Band (Omaha, NE) — Low-fi garage punk dynamo about to blow up.
Cult Play (Omaha, NE) – Dark, electronic dance rock.
Winstons (Brooklyn, NY) — No-frills garage soul.

Music starts at 7 p.m. Runs ’til midnight (but since it’s docked, leave / come whenever you wanna). Tickets are $15, sorry kids, 21+ only. I’m told plenty of parking near the landing. Should be a blast.

That’s all I got. If I missed your show, put it in the comments section. Have a great weekend.

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Live Review: Shannon & the Clams on the river, Halfwit; Ten Questions with A Giant Dog (at Milk Run tonight)…

Shannon & The Clams performing aboard The River City Star, May 15, 2016.

Shannon & The Clams performing aboard The River City Star, May 15, 2016.

by Tim McMahan,

I’m growing tired of this cold weather. I imagined how much more pleasant last night’s “Sailin’ and Wailin’ Boat Cruise on the River City Star” would have been had the temps been 20 degrees warmer. Instead, it was cold and windy and I’m happy I wore my insulated hoodie.

Weather issues aside, Perpetual Nerves has a hit on its hands if it decides to do more of these River City Star concerts, because last night’s was a blast. The cruise couldn’t have gone smoother. If you weren’t on board by 6:55 you were left standing on the shore. In fact, I know one party of people, only seconds late, who had to practically fight their way to the deck (heroically saved by booker Sam Parker).

The River City Star is a small two-story river boat that launches from Freedom Park near the Gallup campus. The festive bottom deck was where the free keg and cash bar were located. Those standing in line were serenaded by the finest party music (from Prince to  Tom Tom Club) via a DJ. With drink in hand it was up to the top deck where Nathan Ma and The Rosettes were already performing as the boat drifted away from the dock. I recognized among the band mates Sarah Bohling of Icky Blossoms adding vocals. Their music was a mix of garage and indie, including a cover of The La’s “There She Goes” that got the loudest applause.

They were followed at 8 p.m. sharp by Shannon and the Clams, an Oakland-based four piece that played early ’60s-style garage rock with doo-wap and surf elements. It felt very much like a very hip sock hop played on a drifting dance floor, all the while floating past either Deliverance-style river-bottoms foliage or urban industrial decay. For every bit of picturesque wildlife (geese, flying fish) there was a reminder that you were adrift on a river of dark brown sewage.  Floating up and down the Missouri River, we were met time and time again by a large white half-submerged floating upright refrigerator. Was there someone inside it, traveling to the Gulf of Mexico? We’ll never know.

The sound, by the way, was amazing. No doubt the river people, who were either fishing or dumping garbage along the shore, could easily hear the bands, and wondered who those lucky bastards having the time of their lives?

The obvious question on everyone’s minds: Why doesn’t Perpetual Nerves book these cruises all the time, or at least once a month during the warm months? Especially considering it sold out the same day it was announced (within hours of the announcement).

Halfwit at O'Leaver's, May 13, 2016.

Halfwit at O’Leaver’s, May 13, 2016.

Friday night I caught Halfwit at O’Leaver’s. The Lincoln band fronted by Dan Jenkins of Ideal Cleaners and including bass-playing madman Saber Blazek crushed the crowd with heavy rock that bordered on proggy metal. The guitar interplay between Jenkins and guitarist Kevin Waltemath was next level amazing. Unfortunately the usually high-flying Blazek was seated for the performance, a victim of some sort of foot injury judging by the massive isolation boot he was wearing. I tried to imagine him at full thrash. Probably would have take out a wall or two. I’m told the performance was recorded for a possible future Live at O’Leaver’s set. Keep your fingers crossed.

Well Aimed Arrows at O'Leaver's May 13, 2016.

Well Aimed Arrows at O’Leaver’s May 13, 2016.

Last up was Well Aimed Arrows playing their usual brand of stripped down, minimalistic post New Wave music that combines almost atonal vocals with intricate rhythms. People who “get them” love them, and those who don’t are left scratching their heads. Their loss. If you grew up with very early REM or Wire — of if you’re old enough to remember groundbreaking ’90s Omaha band The Protoculture — seek them out immediately.

* * *

A Giant Dog plays at Milk Run tonight.

A Giant Dog plays at Milk Run tonight.

Tonight at Milk Run Austin indie band A Giant Dogs perform. Just this second, I received back a Ten Questions response from the band. Here it is:

1. What is your favorite album? 

A Giant Dog: Sparks,  Angst In My Pants. This is one of our favorite albums and we have been doing a cover of “Angst In My Pants” at our shows recently. Sparks had a big influence on us when recording the new record, PILE, and this album is on repeat while driving on tour.

2. What is your least favorite song?

It’s a never ending list. Nothing in particular comes to mind.

3. What do you enjoy most about being in a band?

We started our band as a way to have fun, make music and hangout with other bands in Austin and around the country. We’ve also been close friends since high school and played in different bands together. So it’s great being able to play music and travel with your long time buds. Aside from that aspect, we’re generally unsettled with how repetitive, boring and predictable rock music can be. One of the best things about being in a band is considering the bleakness out there and then finding ways to make a song more creative, interesting and against the grain. I’m not sure how well we do that, but it’s something we enjoy trying to do.

4. What do you hate about being in a band?

The music biz is tough right now and that is a constant frustration we and other bands have to work around. Music has always been tough, but I think it’s okay to say there is a lot less money now than in the early 2000’s pre-Napster. There is a bad gap between good music and getting it to people who will appreciate it. I hope streaming can get its shit together, and this is a problem they need to solve. I know that journalism and film are in the same boat.

5. What is your favorite substance (legal or illegal)?

Mostly weed and more legal substances these days to keep our voices in tact and be able to keep up with the fast pace lifestyle we live. It’s been most interesting buying weed across the U.S. in the last two years. It’s funny buying it in Colorado and then sneaking it through Utah like you’re still at your parents house and sneaking in past curfew.

6. In what city or town do you love to perform?

Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and any town with a passionate promoter who knows how to put together a cool show. The funny thing about live music is that any town can be killer for shows. You just need one guy or gal who loves putting on shows and knows what bands are good.

7. What city or town did you have your worst gig (and why)

Pittsburgh. We showed up to a DIY space that was had the right elements for a good show – big empty house with a good turnout and decent bands booked. But the place was run by kids in pajamas eating ramen. There was a thunderstorm that day and they were afraid of the thunder thinking the show should be canceled. We bought them a six pack and passed on the show.

8. How do you pay your bills?

We work part time or remote jobs in addition to making music. Andrew (guitar/vocals) is a door guy, Graham (bass) makes pizza, Danny (drums is a waiter, Sabrina (singer) works at a Ramen place and has an Airbnb and Andy (guitar) is a software consultant. Multiple incomes is the main way we get by and it’s well worth the time and effort to be able to tour and keep making records.

9. What one profession other than music would you like to attempt; what one profession would you absolutely hate to do

Sabrina was talking about becoming an acupuncturist the other day. Eastern medicine in general is interesting and it seems that could be a rewarding job.

10. What are the stories you’ve heard about Omaha, Nebraska

Nothing yet. Friends have said the Milk Run is cool and a good place to play. Let’s see what stories come from the show tonight.

A Giant Dog performs with Kitten Forever, No Thanks and Worried Mothers tonight at Milk Run, 1907 Leavenworth St. Tickets are $8, show starts at 9 p.m. 

* * *

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