Live Review: Cass Fifty, Ragged Company; Little Brazil tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 5:50 pm October 19, 2009

Last Friday night was spent at The Saddle Creek Bar with Cass Fifty and The Family Gram. I heard a few minutes of Cass’ new album while out at Grubb Inc. last week (He’s recording it) and wanted to hear more. An accordion plays a central role on the recording, but there was no accordion to be seen (or heard) on Friday night as the band decided to instead use the house organ. Not bad, but why not switch between the two instruments throughout the set? Maybe he simply didn’t bring the accordion with him. Who knows. Regardless, Cass and the band played a nice set of rustic indie folk that bordered on Americana, fronted by a girl who sounds like a midwestern version of Grace Slick with a touch of Janice Joplin (and maybe some Bonnie Raitt thrown in for good measure).

They were followed by the four-piece folk-rock of The Ragged Company, a band featuring Dave Downing a.k.a. Cello Dave — one of the most talented guys I’ve seen on an Omaha stage. Downing has become something of a local legend, and I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t. The only thing I know is that he elevates every band he performs with to another level, and that was evident Saturday night. The guy is amazing, which is not to say that the rest of the band is chicken soup — this is a band to keep an eye on. Nice stuff all around, played to a crowd of around 50 — one of the larger shows I’ve been to at the Saddle Creek Bar (see photo), which, by the way, is officially for sale once again.

The Yankees kept me hostage for 13 innings Saturday night, making me miss Blitzen Trapper at The Waiting Room.

Tonight at The Waiting Room it’s the return of Little Brazil with Weatherbox and We All Have Hooks for Hands. $7, 9 p.m.

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