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Category: Blog — @ 5:13 pm March 31, 2009

Here’s a thought about what your hard-earned entertainment dollar can buy these days…

I went out to Marcus Village Pointe Cinema Friday night to see I Love You, Man and was surprised to find that movie ticket prices have gone up again, to $9. “It just went up this week,” the gal behind the counter said. Nine dollars for a 90-minute movie that will be on HBO or Netflix in a few short months seems rather excessive. I mean, this wasn’t exactly the kind of film that demands to be seen “on the big screen.” And yet, I Love You, Man has earned more than $37 million in two weeks. And yes, it was funny.

Contrast that with the price for seeing, say, Little Brazil at The Waiting Room last Saturday night. For a mere $7 you got to see four touring bands for more than four hours of live entertainment — with your cash going into the pockets of someone just trying to make a living off of art. Think about it: Live music really is your best value for your entertainment dollar — it’s loud, unpredictable, an interaction with actual human beings, and usually there’s booze involved. And if you miss it, you’ve missed it. There is no replay on HBO or DVD version to rent later. You’re living in the moment; and it can be cheaper than a movie.

Anyway… It’s not always cheaper. Take tonight’s Faint concert at Sokol Auditorium. At $18 per ticket, it’s still not sold out — which seems unheard of for this band. I speculate the reason for the slower ticket sales might have something to do with them having played here within the past six months, and the openers — UUVVWWZ and Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship — having played a few times within the last few weeks. Still, a Faint show is always worth the price of admission, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this sold out before the first band takes the stage tonight at 8.

Tomorrow: Beep Beep.

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